Introducing Pop Bowls

The Science Behind Our Salads.

Overflowing Take-Out Salad Containers

It started with a problem...

Are you tired of overflowing take-out salad containers that make it impossible to evenly distribute your dressing?

Getting frustrated with messy-to-eat salads?

So were we. That's why we took matters into our own hands.

A solution is born

Pop Bowl has reimagined the salad container to deliver the perfect harmony of flavors in every bite. The expandable bowl technology from Pop Bowl provides ample space to toss your salad effortlessly while ensuring every bite is coated with the ideal amount of dressing and toppings.

Say goodbye to unflavored bites of plain lettuce, and say hello to pure salad perfection with Silvergreens' new bowls.

Watch the video below to see how Pop Bowls were invented.

Shake Up Your Salad Game

In 3 Easy Steps

  • Pop - Pull down the expandable bottom


    Pull down the expandable bottom

  • Pour on toppings and dressing


    Pour on toppings and dressing

  • Shake it up!


    Shake it up!

It's a Game Changer!

"Pop Bowls are so convenient and I love the fact they expand so I can enjoy a freshly tossed salad when I want it. Seriously, these are game-changing new bowls for eating healthy on-the-go... thank you Silvergreens!"

Jen Sparrow, Cottage Health

Optimal Freshness

How does Pop Bowl's technology allow Silvergreens' salads to stay fresh for over a week?

  • Ingredient Tray

    Ingredient Tray

    All ingredients are in individual compartments, maximizing freshness

  • Vacuum Sealed

    Vacuum Sealed

    During the packing process, all the air gets forced out of the bowl as it gets collapsed

Easily stacks in your fridge
Fits like a book in your bag
Silvergreens LLc
Crafted for convenience

Crafted for convenience

  • Fits like a book in your bag
  • Easily stacks in your fridge
  • Lets you eat healthy on the go

The Green in Silvergreens

Our Pop Bowls are manufactured in Portland, Oregon using Recycled Materials
  • Use

    Shake it up and enjoy a freshly tossed salad

  • Re-Use

    Pop Bowls can be reused several times for your own salad enjoyment

  • Recycle

    Made with recycled materials, please also recycle when finished

Pop Bowl Licensing Agreement

Silvergreens licenses the patents, molds and other intellectual property from Pop Bowl Inc. to manufacture and supply our product needs.  All Pop Bowl rights are reserved.

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