Premium Food for a Premium Team

Provide healthy food options that enhance the employee experience and promote workplace wellness with Silvergreens.

Food is Fuel

Give your team access to our full menu, packed with whole foods that nourish their bodies and increase energy levels in the workplace.

High Value, Low Hassle

Allow your team to ditch the lunch prep and skip the lunch line with Silvergreens at their finger tips, delivered straight to their workplace every week.

Be Their Hero

Exclusive membership prices mean happy taste buds and wallets for your team. Options to offer company subsidy to offset expenses for on and off-site team members, and their families.

How to Get Started with a Business Memberships

  •  order salads & sides online

    Meet with us to explore suitable membership options for your team

  • Silvergreens delivers all meals

    Unlock membership benefits for your team

  • stock your fridges

    Fresh and healthy meals delivered to your workplace every week.

Membership Comparison

The Benefits of Silvergreens

  • Convenient


    Ditch the lunch lines and boost workplace productivity with Silvergreens. Grab ready-to-eat meals without even leaving the building.

  • Green

    Reduce food waste from catering by enjoying our individually packaged items throughout the week.

  • Healthy & Happy


    Beat the post-lunch slump by fueling up with fresh, nutritious, whole foods that energize your day.

  • Community

    Engage hybrid and remote employees with Silvergreens by incentivizing them to connect with their work family.



"The simplicity of the new packaging creates an effortless experience when grabbing a salad on the run! It’s made our lives much easier to eat healthy without sacrificing taste or spending a ton of time on prep!"

Bryce Uhrig



"The Silvergreens salad program is quick, convenient, and tasty! While the salads have great ingredients, my favorite part is how they've kept the greens and toppings separated to make sure the salad lasts longer - genius! We at Procore love Silvergreens and will continue to enjoy our partnership with them."

Julliana Galland



"Silvergreens' new expandable salad bowl has made it much easier for our players to eat healthy before and after games. All of their ingredients are always fresh and everyone loves all the different flavors. Great program and people, we've been working together for the past 10 years."

Andrew Checketts

UCSB Head Baseball Coach


"Our whole team can't wait until Fridge Stock day so they can grab their salad for the week. So fresh, so delicious, and such a cool expandable bowl! We LOVE Silvergreens' new salad program."

Andrea Godinez



"Silvergreens' new salad program is a GAME CHANGER! With our hectic schedules, the fact that we can enjoy a freshly tossed salad with healthy & local ingredients, when we are ready to eat, makes living a healthy lifestyle so much easier."


Cottage Health


"All our players and staff love Silvergreens’ nutritious, high-quality salads. For our pre-game meals, as well as on the bus for road games, Silvergreens new salads have made meal planning a breeze."

Coach Jo Evans

UCSB Softball Head Coach


"The pop out container is great, the ingredients are fresh, and the flavors are always on point! I love this new version of Silvergreens."

Carlos Gillis

Classic wines of California

Experience it for yourself

Ready to transform your workplace into a hub of health and vitality? Get started with Silvergreens today and experience the difference for yourself.