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Our Story

When we started Silvergreens in 1995, we wanted to change the way people live their lives, and how they think about food. We were the first restaurant in the world to bring you personalized nutrition information on receipts, Santa Barbara’s first Certified Green Restaurant, and a food destination still committed to a menu made completely from scratch every day.  Fast forward 20 years, and we are just getting started!


Now, we are delighted to announce our addition of Kyle’s Kitchen burgers to Silvergreens’ menu.


Kyle’s Kitchen is the new sister restaurant of Silvergreens and was recently voted the “Best New Restaurant” in Santa Barbara” (SB Newspress Readers Poll), as well as awarded the “Innovative Business of the Year” by the Goleta Chamber of Commerce.


Every time you eat at Kyle’s Kitchen you are helping someone with special needs reach their potential.  That’s because Kyle donates a portion of his proceeds back to the special needs community.


We are proud to not only bring Kyle’s food to Silvergreens, but also his goodwill. Now, every time someone chooses a Kyle’s menu item at Silvergreens, we will donate a portion of the proceeds back to local special needs organizations. As we bridge the gap between our restaurants, Silvergreens is thrilled to participate in Kyle’s annual goal of raising $50,000 for the special needs community.


As Silvergreens grows, we are dedicated to building a social enterprise that supports our local communities and neighbors. We are just as passionate about REAL FOOD as we are about connecting with our communities and turning our neighbors into friends.


That's what we believe in at Silvergreens.

Lots of flavor made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Healthy food that makes you feel good and provides natural energy at the same time.


Our menu is made from scratch every day, from our freshly baked breads, homemade soups & dressings, hand-cut French fries to our oven roasted meats & vegetables.

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Local Partners

Get fit, stay healthy. Support our local fitness partners.

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Green Ways

Silvergreens recognizes that sustainability is a worthy goal for the environment and our community.

  • We use many locally grown products which helps eliminate emissions from transportation.
  • Silvergreens uses an energy efficient, tankless gas-water heater.
  • During construction, we used low-emitting adhesives, sealants and paints.
  • Several of our restaurant employees ride their bikes to work.
  • We have installed rapidly renewable raw materials like Kirei Sorghum Board for some of our restaurant table tops.
  • Our business cards are printed on 100% recycled content, 50% post-consumer waste, processed chlorine-free paper.
  • All tabletops throughout our restaurant are made of a local, reclaimed, blue-gum eucalyptus wood from Hope Ranch.
  • We donate our used grease to create bio-fuels, diesel, etc...
  • We implemented an effective recycling program during the construction of the restaurant.
  • We turn our ice machine off throughout the day to conserve energy.
  • Our restaurant maximizes the natural daylight by maximizing outdoor-seating and utilizing the restaurant's windows to reduce the use of excessive interior lighting.
  • We utilize email communications for policy updates and changes, scheduling purposes, etc... to reduce the need to waste paper (and save trees).
  • We have installed an efficient lighting control panel that is programmed to dim and control the settings the exterior and interior lighting at different times.
  • Plant-based foods require fewer natural resources & create less pollution per calorie consumed.
  • Silvergreens uses energy efficient lighting in both of our stores.
  • Our take-out bags are 100% recyclable, and contain a biodegradable additive, which starts biodegrading in 9 months.
  • We use kitchen computers to display food orders to reduce the amount of paper we print in making food orders.
  • Our restaurant is located in an established, pedestrian-friendly community.
  • We turn off computer monitors, equipment, and menu boards during non-business hours to conserve energy.
  • Silvergreens Restaurant is the first restaurant in Santa Barbara to complete the certification process of the Green Restaurant Association.
  • Our Restaurants have low-flow fixtures, aerators, and toilets to reduce water consumption.
  • We use fresh, local produce like our organic sprouts, lettuce, fresh strawberries and more.
  • We use non-disposable plates, glasses, utensils on all dine-in orders to reduce our output of trash.
  • The Silvergreens Restaurant design includes living plants.
  • All the napkins in our restaurant are recycled, chlorine-free napkins.
  • We use non-disposable plates, glasses, utensils on all dine-in orders to reduce our output of trash.
  • We have chosen energy efficient dishwashing equipment that saves water and reduces the impact of dishwashing products on the environment.
  • From our breads, soups, dressings and hand-cut fries, to roasting our own meats and vegetables, our menu is made from scratch each day.
  • We only use organic, fair trade coffee and iced teas.
  • We chose to utilize an existing building for our restaurant.
  • Our Nutricate Receipt uses both sides of the receipt to help save the use of paper.We have implemented an effective recycling program throughout the restaurant and kitchen.
  • The interior design and construction of the restaurant was certified through Santa Barbara's Built Green Program, where the project received the highest rating.
  • Our restaurant & breakfast menu uses only cage-free eggs.
  • All of our restaurant menus are printed on 30% post-consumer, recycled paper.
  • Our restaurant is located with a half mile of the city's main Metropolitan Transit District (MTD), Transit Center.
  • All of our poultry & beef was naturally & sustainably raised without growth harmones.
  • We have met applicable Stormwater/Site Development Standards.
  • We have met California State Energy Code - Title 24.
  • Many Silvergreens employees choose to ride the bus or carpool to work.
  • We have met California State Ventilation/IAQ Code.
  • Our restaurant used low VOC paint during construction.
  • Silvergreens Restaurant is the first restaurant in Santa Barbara to be Green Certified.
  • We do not use any styrofoam in the restaurant.
  • We have met California State Water Use Efficiency Standards.
  • The counters in our restaurant are made of an environmentally conscious, recycled material.
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